A Summer Roof Inspection Should Be On Top Of Your To-Do List!

Summer is officially here!

That means family vacations, time spent outside, and… rising energy bills if your roof is not in good shape. That last one isn’t fun (trust us), and the best way to make sure your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long is to schedule a roof inspection now.

… And here’s why.

1. Rising Temperatures Outside Affect Your Roof

Did you know your attic can easily reach temperatures of over 150 degrees in the summer? That’s hot enough to boil water! The temperature of your attic is a big deal for two reasons: insulation and ventilation.

  1. Proper attic insulation keeps the cold air inside your home in the summer, preventing higher energy bills. Most importantly, it prevents condensation that leads to moisture build up. Without adequate insulation, the cold air from your home will creep up into your attic where it meets the hot summer air. This causes condensation to occur and can lead to mold from the added moisture.!
  2. Ventilation is also important, and in the summer months, it helps prevent heat buildup in your attic. Your roofing system has several areas that need special attention, including vent pipes, exhaust fans from kitchens and bathrooms, and soffit vents.

Preventing heat and moisture buildup are two of the best ways to prolong shingle life and keep energy costs low.

2. Critters Get Hot Too

When it’s hot outside, everyone is looking to cool off, including squirrels, birds, and other pests. Sometimes your roof is the perfect spot, especially in your roof’s overhangs or in your attic.

A summer roof inspection can help spot areas where pests could enter your home and fix them up before they move in.

3. Shade Is Nice, Damage Is Not

The trees around your home are great – they add to curb appeal and can help shade your home. What is NOT great is the damage they can cause if they are too close to your home. Keep an eye out for debris on your roof, clogged gutters and make sure large limbs are trimmed back at least 5 feet from your home.

4. Small Problems Lead To Costly Repairs

A single missing roof shingle may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Weak spots in your roof often mean water can enter and roof leaks travel fast – sometimes as far as 8-12 feet from the source. If you are seeing signs of a roof problem or have not had a professional roof inspection in a while, now’s the time.

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