Insurance Claims

Most roofs in the North Texas area get damaged by hail about once every five years.  Thankfully, most of those roofs are insured and the homeowner can file a claim and have insurance pay to replace their roof with their only out of pocket expense being their deductible.  However, insurance claims can be frustrating and difficult to understand if you’ve never been through the process before!  All insurance claims are processed differently (it depends on your carrier) but TriStar is here to help you navigate and understand the process.

More often than not, when you file an insurance claim to have your roof replaced, the insurance carrier will also cover other storm related damage.  That damage can include but is not limited to gutters, fence damage, window screens, exterior painting and/or siding, and possibly even interior.

Standard practices of an insurance company include sending out an insurance adjuster to assess your damage.  Once they have had the opportunity to inspect, the carrier will send an estimate for repairs to you as the homeowner.  It is then up to you to find a contractor of your choice to help remedy the damage.  The contractor will sometimes opt to do their own inspection of your damage to make sure that all repairs necessary are covered.  If not, often the contractor will do what’s called a “supplement” back to the insurance carrier if they find damage that is needing to be repaired but left off the insurance claim.

If you have any questions regarding the claims process, we can help with that.  Just give us a shout!  (940) 435-0616