Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a warranty?

We do!  TriStar’s standard warranty is a 5 year workmanship warranty.  The manufacturer’s warranty varies depending on what product you choose.  Our workmanship warranty covers any leak repairs caused by improper roof installation reported within 30 days of the leak.  Roof leaks are not typical but due to the complex nature of roof coverings and flashings, especially when tying into chimneys, walls, skylights and seams, we cannot guarantee there will never be a leak, but we can guarantee that we will repair it at no cost to you (within the warranty period).

Do I need an extended warranty?

No!  Many roofing companies and manufacturers offer an extended roof warranty for purchase, but we believe that living in Texas, you are more likely to have hail or wind damage that would void the warranty before the standard warranty runs out.  Save your money!

I have a warranty from my previous roofing company but they are nowhere to be found.

TriStar has been in business since 2006.  We have no intention of going anywhere!  We are a local company, NOT A STORM CHASER!  Many roofing companies are considered “fly by night” companies because they follow storms and move from state to state, depending on the weather!  TriStar has a physical location in Denton, we are active in our community and all live locally.

I’m selling my house.  Is my warranty transferable?

Yes!  TriStar stands by our workmanship regardless of who owns the house.  We will send over a Certificate of Completion upon final payment that will include our warranty information, however, we warranty everything by physical address, not owner information, so if you sell your home, we will still warranty the roof.  We can issue a new Certificate of Completion with the new owner’s name on it if requested.

Can you help me with my insurance claim?

We sure can!  TriStar has staff that is certified in Xactimate, which is the industry standard insurance pricing program.  We are more than happy to inspect your roof and then negotiate scope of repairs with your insurance adjuster.  For more info, hop on over to our insurance claims page.

Do you require payment up front?

We do not require payment up front or a down payment.  Upon completion of the roof, TriStar will ask for the first draw, which if you have an insurance claim, will be the amount of the actual cash dollars portion of the claim.  We will ask for final payment upon completion of the entire project, or upon receipt of the recoverable depreciation check from the insurance carrier.

Will you pay my deductible?

TriStar’s estimators and field reps are often asked by customers whether we can cover their deductibles on an insurance claim.  This puts our team in an awkward situation because there are no great answers to give a homeowner.  Many roofers make it common practice and tell customers that it’s legal.  If you have a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) provision in your insurance claim, we are required by law to charge the insurance price for completed repairs if depreciation funds are to be released.  So short answer, TriStar is required by law to charge the homeowner their deductible.

I have a question that’s not listed in the FAQ.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!  We love this business and love for our customers to be informed, so please email our office at [email protected], call us anytime, or use our Contact Us form to ask your question.