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It is easy to take your roof for granted since it is always above you and out of your immediate line of vision. There could be more things happening up on your roof than you may think. Here in McKinney, roofs must be able to withstand the storms that the spring months bring, the oppressive heat of a North Texas summer and the aging that occurs during the rest of the year due to high winds and winter storms that roll in every so often. No matter what the weather brings, McKinney’s residential and commercial roofing systems must be able to endure Mother Nature’s fury, and that is where the roofers at TriStar Quality Roofing comes in handy.

Residential Roofing McKinney, TX Can Trust

Being listed among CNN Money’s “Best Places to Live,” it is no wonder why 130 thousand people reside in McKinney, Texas or why it is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Texas. With so many people living in McKinney, there is probably a considerable amount of residential roofs in need of attention. As time and North Texas weather conditions wreak havoc on your home’s roof, it is important to know how to recognize if your roof needs repair, maintenance or even replacement. Some warning signs to look for include:

Residential Roof in McKinney, TX

  • Water stains on your home’s interior walls or ceilings.
  • Leaks in your attic.
  • Dark areas on shingles.
  • Cracked, curled or missing shingles.
  • Excessive home energy costs.

If you notice any of these occurrences at your home, give the McKinney, TX roofing experts at TriStar Quality Roofing a call, or send us a message.

Commercial Roofing McKinney, TX Depends On

Your business’ roof shelters everything your business houses from the elements. This being the case, it is of the utmost importance to ensure your business’ roof is in good condition. If it has been more than one year since your commercial roofing system was examined, it may be time to consider a roof inspection or have our roofing team perform repairs, maintenance or even roof replacement. To determine the best roofing system for your commercial building, you should consider:

Commercial Roof in McKinney, TX

  •  Your existing roofing system.
  • Where water or ice accumulate after storms and winter storms.
  • Your commercial roofing system’s slope or lack of slope.
  • Rooftop equipment (e.g. cooling, warming and ventilation systems).

Whatever your McKinney commercial roofing needs are, TriStar Quality Roofing is sure to have the perfect roofing solution for your business. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our commercial roofing team at (940) 435-0616, or send us a message.

Why Employ TriStar’s Experienced Roofing Professionals?

TriStar Quality Roofing is the roofing company McKinney, TX has turned to for roof repair, installation and maintenance since 2006. TriStar has built its business on cultivating enduring relationships with its customers and provided unbeatable roofing services for North Texas’ residential and commercial properties. We pride ourselves on working with our McKinney customers to ensure they receive the highest quality roofing materials and service. With TriStar Quality Roofing, McKinney residents and business owners can expect:

Quality Roofing Guarantee McKinney, TX

  • Assistance with navigating the entire insurance claims process.
  • A five-year warranty on the workmanship on all new roofs.
  • A one-year leak warranty on all repairs.
  • The highest quality customer service that comes from a roofing company that is Certified Elite Roofing Pro and has Roofing Sales Pro Certification.


Contact TriStar Quality Roofing’s professional roofers today for all your McKinney, TX roofing needs. We are not satisfied until you are!
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